Do you ever just—because LAGERTHA.

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I love how amused Hannibal is at all of Wills Cannibal jokes.
New Will dont give a shit,hes sassy.

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do you ever just start crying uncontrollably 


do you ever just start crying uncontrollably 


"With all my knowledge of intrusion I could never entirely predict you. I can feed the caterpillar. I can whisper through the chrysalis but…what hatches follows its own nature and is beyond me."

- Hannibal | 2X08

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Places on your dash without context or tags.


Places on your dash without context or tags.


"What are you reading.."


"Ooohh can I read!?"


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"even when i had nothing, i had bucky."

(via lilybells)

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Back from Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Literally my thoughts/whispers to my sister during the movie (SPOILERS obv):

  • The whole movie should have been close-ups on Chris’s face. This man is reeeaaally handsome.
  • Bucky is a puppy. Look at this face!! (or eyes, depends on the scene) Even in the dramatic fight scenes with the dramatic music - he was just a dramatic puppy walking/fighting. So asdfghk cute.
  • Not. Enough. BUCKY!!
  • The elevator scene - a huge Captain America orgy? (I’m sure they all preferred that on killing him….)
  • The same goes to the scene of Bucky shirtless, chained to that chair, with all of those guys around him…..I couldn’t be the only one thinking that way, could I?………
  • Ooh I’ve seen those gifs.
  • Those too.
  • I haven’t even watched the first movie!! (really)
  • I ship them (duh!)
  • Oh, he saved him! 
  • And now he’s going to search for him! Can’t wait for the next movie with the both of them…(or the fics for now)

Also, only my sister and I and 4 more people were still sitting waiting for the credit scene (we didn’t know there’d be one but we hoped). I felt very close at that moment to the rest of the people who stayed there with us xD

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I thought changing my theme would take me 15 minutes max.

I was wrong.

More like 2+ hours???


Because every theme I liked and installed lacked some essential codes (like ‘ask’ or ‘archive’) and since I’m not a pro at adding those codes myself - I gave up and had to look for a theme that had them all. 

So this one is the most minimal theme I’ve had so far. 

But I’m ok with it, so it’s staying for the time being. 

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