merlin mash type game. just click & drag. mostly season 4 stuff. enjoy :)

I marry Arthur, I am cursed, I enjoy stealing food from the kitchen. We have four children and a merthur kink (I APPROVE). Annnnd I die of childbirth. -_-

I marry Gwaine, I am a dragon lord, I enjoy saving Merlin.  We have two children and a Merthur kink (you better believe it).  And I die by self-sacrificing myself.

 I marry Arthur, am a dragon lord, my hobby is savin arthur. We have twins, a skarvs kink and I die because of sorcery. Mhh… I LIKE this. Very much. :]

I marry Arthur, am a servant (I AM MERLIN GUYS!), my hobby is stealing food from the kitchen, we have 3 kids, the kink is Merthur (OH REALLY) and I die due to self sacrifice. HOW ROMANTIC. I quite liked it ^^