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Mostly post about B.A.P, k-pop, j-rock, anime, j-dramas, actors, BLCDs, seiyuus etc.

I'm also in the fandoms of Hannibal, Sherlock, Merlin and LotR, so posts about those will pop here once in a while.

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Danny & Carter, in the movie Watercolors.
An amazing movie (yet sad), with one of the most beautiful love scenes I’ve ever seen. I can just gaze at this scene forever *_*
Btw, since I first watched this movie, I’ve been dying to have a ring like his but I couldn’t find anything like it :(
I can’t believe I’ve never knew about this scene until now. I’m such a bad Titanic fan -_-‘ 
This scene was soooooo hot, I wish they’d have kept this in the movie….. *___*
Best part in this movie imho….*__*